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Posted by Ryan King on 08/03/2018

Welcome to Bison Airways Virtu

Good Day, Captain!,

Welcome to Bison Airways Virtual, allow me to give you a very-short description about us, We operate on one ethical principle:

Professionalism, let it be with flying the Aircraft, or Evaluation of a Pilot Report, we push the boundaries by taking real world factors into account to make it maximum professional.

and One more important factor, our Pilots, with their constant support, our Feed-back driven administration team works hard to provide the best ever experience prossible. 

See you soon in the skies,Captain! 

Blue Skies and Tailwinds
Ryan King,
CEO & Founder,
Bison Airways Virtual

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Flight Pilot Dep Arr Aircraft Time Landing Info
BAC1801Domminick CohnKIAHKMIA737-72402.02-148 ft/m Pending
BAC1801Domminick CohnKCLTKIAH717-20002.28-1273 ft/m Pending
BAC1801Domminick CohnKLAXKCLT737-72404.43-148 ft/m Pending
BAC5239Domminick CohnKSFOKLAX737-72401.02-297 ft/m Pending
BAV5239Domminick CohnKSEAKSFO737-72401.47-447 ft/m Pending
BAV351 (1B)Domminick CohnKSFOKSEAMD-8201.59-469 ft/m Accepted
BAV1681 (1B)Bob MitchellKPHXKSEA787-9 Dreaml02.31-202 ft/m Accepted
BAV2197 (D)Bob MitchellKSEAKPHXA321-21102.41-231 ft/m Accepted
BAV5239Domminick CohnKSEAKSFO737-82301.42-257 ft/m Accepted
BAC1919Domminick CohnMKJSTNCMMD-8202.24-271 ft/m Accepted

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BAV1801 Domminick Cohn has filed a PIREP from KIAH to KMIA View Flight Report

BAV1801 Domminick Cohn has filed a PIREP from KCLT to KIAH View Flight Report

BAV1801 Domminick Cohn has filed a PIREP from KLAX to KCLT View Flight Report

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